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Do You Need to Remodel or Just Clean

Outside of seriously outdated rooms or just wanting to, do yo need a remodel?

A question often asked.

It sounds funny but sometimes we are called into homes that just need a good cleaning.

I will tell you from the beginning I do not sugar coat what we do and see in construction so you will have the best advantage when you get out there to start your own project. I think it may be a good general contractor quality.

To remodel or clean.

Ask yourself this. Do you have sentimental attachments to everything in your house? Does it make you feel secure? Are you afraid you may be wasting money if you get rid of things? If you answered yes to any of these, see a trauma therapist : )

Honestly, can you rent some storage space? Buy a shed?

It doesn't work to have a garage sale for a person emotionally dependent on their stuff. I once caught my mom buying back sale items, at 4 times the price, from people as they tried to walk away.

Try to move everything out of the house you do not use on a daily, weekly, monthly basis or absolutely love to look at. Get a storage unit. It's just down the road. Don't panic. Many people find they can let go after the stuff has been sitting in storage for a while.

My mom is a hoarder. So are my in-laws. For different reasons but the same mentality. You cannot budge them in their way of thinking so they keep adding on to their homes rather than letting things go.

If you are just messy or busy and things have gotten out of hand, set up 3 boxes (this is my favorite method! - I was very disorganized) One box for trash, one for donations and one for filing or keeping. Then - here is the key- I would only trow away or donate 10% of my stuff every month or two to keep down my drama. After 6 cleanings I was down 60%!

It's funny how much trash I actually donated thinking it was of value. This is the "less is best at first" approach and was perfect for me and my "I may use that again," syndrome.

Now. Do you need to remodel? Kids can be a catalyst for remodeling. Separate rooms to prevent fighting are a great idea. Don't listen to the mom who says you need to lovingly correct them. Some kids are just out to argue and you need to keep your sanity.

Do you have kids in sports? Man that can eat up storage space fast. Have a spouse who has a hobby too? Again, you need more space. Are you a person who visits the master bath spa to regain your sanity? Go for it! There is nothing better than an in house spa if you work hard and need the break. We have seen people literally transform from tired and cranky to happy and energetic with a bathroom remodel.

A synopsis. It is up to you. We get paid whether you need the work done or not.

If you fall into the category of needing a good clean you will still have to move and store everything as the construction goes on so why not try clearing out the clutter both physically and emotionally.

Most customers need more space or a nice place to relax for their mental health.

I can hear my mothers voice right now, "Oh Jennifer, you just don't understand. I need all the National Geographic magazines published since 1972 and those 40 pieces of luggage belonged to all your grandparents."

My sister leaned over one day and whispered in my ear, "You know we are burning it all when she is gone. We may even remove it from the house first."


Real thoughts form a real contractor 10 years in the industry and still loving it.


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